The Team

Transition Committee

  • Charley Dewberry: Gutenberg tutor; Gutenberg College Academic Dean.
  • Eliot Grasso: Gutenberg tutor; Director of Creative Arts at New Hope Christian College.
  • Wes Hurd: President Bluetower Arts Foundation; Founder McKenzie Study Center; former Gutenberg tutor.
  • Robby Julian: Gutenberg Publications Manager.
  • Ron Julian: Gutenberg tutor.
  • Kasey Pilcher Mascenti: Director, Process Improvement, FDH Velocitel; Gutenberg alumna.
  • Tim McIntosh: Gutenberg tutor, Transition Committee Co-Chair.
  • Andrew Robinson: Principal, Andrew F. Robinson Consulting.
  • Chris Swanson: Gutenberg tutor, Transition Committee Chair.
  • Cindy Swanson: Gutenberg tutor.

Transition Advisors

The transition committee also assembled advisors to assist the transition:

  • Larry Barber: Pastoral Counselor, Charis Foundation.
  • John Santin: Project Management Consultant; Owner, Work Flow Consulting, LLC.
  • Nancy Scott: Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist; former Gutenberg tutor.
  • Beth Sheehan: Philanthropic Development Consultant, Beth Sheehan Philanthropic Development Consulting, LLC.
  • Dusty Smith: Branch Manager, Landmark Professional Mortgage Company (LPMC), Inc.; Founder/Financial Oversight, Coburg Community Charter School.
  • Bryan Taylor: President/Founder Drawn Branding Agency.

Board of Governers

The new board was seated August 16, 2016.

img_7313Kelly Beck: Kelley graduated from Gutenberg College in 2006 and began her pursuits in the field of education. After teaching privately for two years, Kelly moved to Southern California and began working as the director of the After School Program at Mariners Christian School in Costa Mesa. She also began volunteering for Mika (a local non-profit that focuses on community development), creating curricula and educational programming for low income and underserved students. This experience in the nonprofit world launched her further into the field, and for two years she worked in development and fundraising for Northrise University. While serving on the board of a developing charter school, she obtained an M.A. in teaching. Longing to return to the classroom, Kelly accepted a job working for American Heritage Charter Schools, and she is currently developing the curriculum for a new classical elementary school, where she will serve as the seventh- and eighth-grade humanities teacher for the 2016-2017 school year. Kelly lives with her husband, Erik, and their daughter, Sophia, in Temecula, California.

img_7317Allan Bruner: Allan received his undergraduate degree in chemistry from Seattle Pacific University in 1981 and his M.S. in Science Education from Oregon State University in 1988. Between 1981 and 1988, he fished in Alaska, went through nursing school to obtain a practical nursing license, worked on a doctorate in biochemistry and biophysics, and ultimately decided that teaching science was the best possible use of the talents God provided him. Since 1989, Allan has taught at a rural public high school in Colton, Oregon, located in the foothills of the Cascade mountain range. At Colton High School, he teaches a wide variety of science, mathematics, and social studies; serves as music and drama teacher; and advises a number of student clubs and organizations. He has served in a number of state leadership roles for the Oregon Department of Education and the Oregon Education Association. In 2001 and 2002, he worked with Dr. William Woodward at the Oregon Health and Science University as a Murdock Charitable Trust ‘Partners in Science’ Fellow. Also in 2002, Allan achieved National Board Certified Teacher status, which was renewed in 2012. In 2006, he was named the Oregon Teacher of the Year. And from 2008 to 2010, he served as the president of the Oregon Science Teachers Association. Allan and his wife, Karen, have been married for twenty-eight years and have three daughters, who were educated at home. They are all active in their local church, where Allan serves as teaching elder and musician. They own small acreage above the Molalla River in rural Clackamas County, Oregon, where they garden and enjoy a menagerie of farm animals.

img_7329Craig Doerksen: Craig is head of the School of Rhetoric at the Regents School of Austin, Texas. He came to Regents in 2007 from Eugene, Oregon, where he served as the founding director of the BlueTower Arts Foundation. Before that, he was a teacher and administrator at Trinity Academy of Raleigh, a classical school in North Carolina. Craig received his M.A. in English from the University of Ireland, Maynooth.

img_7310Mike Grose: Mike is associate dean for Undergraduate Studies at the University of Oregon School of Music and Dance where he also teaches. He was principal tubist of the Savannah Symphony Orchestra (1986-2001) and the Hilton Head Orchestra (1990-2001) before joining the UO music faculty as associate professor of tuba. He is currently the principal tubist of the Eugene Symphony. Before assuming his position in Savannah, Mike was a tubist with Civic Orchestra of Chicago and the Illinois Philharmonic. He has performed with the Chicago, Oregon, Atlanta, Milwaukee, Honolulu, Charleston, and Jacksonville symphonies and the Boise Philharmonic. An accomplished chamber musician, Mike received the Sweepstakes Award at the Fischoff International Chamber Music Competition, making him the first tubist to receive that prize. He received his M.A. in tuba performance from Northwestern University.

img_7316Wes Hurd: Wes is president of BlueTower Arts Foundation. He founded McKenzie Study Center in 1979 and, until he retired in June 2012, was a tutor at Gutenberg College and the director of Art Project, an institute of Gutenberg College. He has an M.A. in biblical studies, a Ph.D. in educational policy, and an M.F.A. in painting. Wes remains involved in the arts, and you can view his recent artwork at

img_7324Paul Pindell: Paul, who has an M.B.A. from Northwest Christian University, manages a team of architects and engineers in the Business Development department of F5 Networks. Although he began working in the high-tech sector in the late 1990s and spent almost eleven years at Symantec, this was a career change for him. Paul first came to the McKenzie Study Center (now an institute of Gutenberg College) in 1985. He studied in MSC’s biblical exegesis program while also studying at the University of Oregon, where he earned his B.A. in Greek. He taught Koiné Greek briefly and then built houses for a living. In the mid-1990s, he and his wife, Nancy, along with their first child, Emma, lived in and managed the Gutenberg College residence for four and a half years. (Paul and Nancy also have a son, Evander.) Paul likes to think of himself as the typical person educated in liberal arts. While it was difficult to break into the business world at anything other than an entry level, once he was hired, the thinking, writing, and communication skills he learned at MSC and the UO allowed him to set himself apart and be considered for promotion sooner and more often than his engineering-educated colleagues. This experience and his long history with Gutenberg College prompted him to accept the challenge and honor of being on the Gutenberg Board of Governors.

img_7319Andrew Robinson: Andrew received his MA in Education from the University of Oregon in 2001 with a Marriage and Family Therapy specialization. After directing a national nonprofit and maintaining his own private practice, Andrew began his own consulting company to help organizations use storytelling to deepen their engagement with employees and customers. For more than 15 years Andrew has worked with a wide variety of companies, from small startups to regional financial and healthcare companies to global brands like Nike. During this time he’s developed a track record for helping organizations know and tell their story internally and externally. As University of Oregon, School of Journalism Instructor, Chris Stadler says: “Andrew’s ability to identify story and inspire people makes him a strategic storyteller in the purest sense.”

New Faculty

johnwagner-2_2016-08John Wagner (German II): John has studied at several universities, and has a B.A. in German and an M.A. in linguistics, both from the University of Oregon. John has taught since 1990, most recently German at the University of Oregon. He enjoys studying (theology, eschatology, and linguistics, among other subjects) and coaching and participating in sports.

John has lived in rural Lane county for most of his life, but he has also been able to travel much. During middle school, he lived in Mexico and Belize. He lived in Germany twice—for a year each time—first as an exchange student in Tübingen and then as an exchange teacher in Saarland.

He and his wife, Lisa, have been married since 1989. Since 2000, they have lived in the Triangle Lake area, where they have chickens, goats, llamas, two cats, a dog, and lots of flowers and trees. They have two grown children who live in Portland and Corvallis.

karenzeller_2016-08Karen Zeller (Greek I & II): Karen studied Latin in her first term at Princeton, when she intended to become an attorney. Latin captured her instead, and she added Greek the next year, ultimately taking more than half her college courses in the Classics department. She earned her A.B. in classics, language track, in 1982, following independent work on Latin and Greek elegiac poetry and a senior thesis about early church fathers’ attitudes toward women.

She then studied for her M.Div. at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. She taught Koiné Greek I, II, and III at Vanguard College in Costa Mesa, California. She finished her M.Div. degree with concluding work in intergenerational education. She is currently working on a Ph.D. in educational measurement and assessment at the University of Oregon.

Karen and her husband, Ralph, homeschooled their three children in Cottage Grove. While homeschooling, Karen began a Latin program at HomeSource, a homeschooling resource center in Eugene. There she developed a program that delivered a series of basic grammar courses that could be completed in middle school or high school, followed by a rotating four-year sequence of college-level Latin courses. At HomeSource and other schools, she has taught innovative and challenging courses in Greek, English, and other subjects for twenty-five years. She has written model curricula for the College Board and presented at classical studies conferences in California, Oregon, Washington, and Texas. Of all of the things she has done, what she loves most, next to reading great books with her kids, is reading great books in Latin and Greek with her students.


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