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In February 2016, Gutenberg College arrived at a significant moment. Twenty-two years after our founding, the board and president invited a fresh leadership team to chart a course for the next twenty years. Follow our progress here as we chart a course toward 2020.

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$10k Matching Grant

July 2017

A generous donor whose life was profoundly affected by the Gutenberg community has stepped up to offer a $10K matching grant. Every dollar donated is doubled through this gift. Make a donation and help us get to $20K! A big THANK YOU to our benefactor!

We made it! Thanks so much to all of you who helped us reach our goal.

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Strategic Hiring

July 2017

At the recommendation of the Board of Governors, President, and outgoing Provost, Gutenberg College offered the position of Provost to Dr. Eliot Grasso in early summer. Eliot accepted. Having served as tutor since 2011, Eliot brings tremendous enthusiasm for Gutenberg’s mission and students, as well as administrative skill. He is actively engaged in strategic outreach and improving Gutenberg’s visibility within the region.

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OCEANetwork Conference Partnership

June 2017

Gutenberg College partnered with the OCEANetwork Conference at the Portland Convention Center to present the talk “Thriving in Higher Education: Opportunities and Challenges for Christian Homeschoolers.” We are pleased to serve homeschooling families as they search for excellent colleges.

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55 Northwest Sponsorships

May 2017

Gutenberg College partnered with Classical Conversations to become a major sponsor for the 55 Northwest Parent Practicums. The response from families has been overwhelmingly positive.

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Ranked #1 Tiny Christian College

March 2017

Gutenberg College is ranked #1 Tiny Christian College in America by Rondall Reynoso, author of Faith on View. Learn more here.

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February 2017

Gutenberg has accomplished a lot from September 2016 to February 2017. Here are a few of the updates:

  • Fundraising: We raised $55,000 in donations during our year-end fundraising push. We have also begun to re-engage high-capacity donors. In the fall, two board members met with a high-capacity donor in Southern California and enlisted the help of a talented fundraiser to boost fundraising efforts in that area.
  • Infrastructure: We have enhanced our infrastructure by implementing a non-profit customer relations management (CRM) database. This will enhance our ability to engage with prospective students, donors, alumni, and friends.
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November 2016

A lot has been accomplished since February. Our team hoped to achieve six tasks before starting the school year. We’ve accomplished all of them:

  1. Revived Community Classes: Larry Barber, a long-time pastoral counselor, taught our first class in October, a four-part series titled “Learning from Conflict.” It was very encouraging to see a lot of old friends (especially long-time friends of McKenzie Study Center) back in the building. Classes are free and open to the public.
  2. Re-engaged alumni: Kasey Pilcher Macsenti (Gutenberg class of 2009) launched a 100-Day Plan for Gutenberg alumni. We’ve hosted two get-togethers in Portland and will host another in Seattle in December.
  3. We hoped to hit our $150,000 transition goal. We surpassed that goal by $7,000 one month in advance. Yes!
  4. We hoped to seat a new board, a new president, and new office-holders. You can meet them here.
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Hosting The
Summer Institute

August 2016

Gutenberg hosts its annual Summer Institute, “How to Build a Bridge: Hearing and Being Heard.” The conference attracts one of the largest number of attendees in the history of the college. Attendees greatly appreciate the opportunity to feed their minds and souls.

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Forming a New Board

July 2016

The transition committee invites seven friends of the college to serve as new board members and to help provide wisdom and oversight. The new board is officially seated on August 16, 2016.

Meet the New Board
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Announcing a Matching Gift

June 2016

Frank Batten, a supporter of Gutenberg College, announces support for the mission of the college. The Aimee and Frank Batten, Jr., Foundation contributes $50,000 plus an additional $50,000 as a matching donation. Upon receiving word of the matching donation, Gutenberg supporters begin donating toward the match. Due to an unexpected outpouring of support, Gutenberg matches the full $50,000 three weeks prior to the August 31 deadline.

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Conceiving the Plan

March 2016

The transition committee formulates a three-part plan to address the college’s short- and long-term goals.

Read the Plan
Main Ceremony

Assembling the Transition Team

February 2016

A team of faculty and community members form a transition committee to guide Gutenberg during the transition.

Meet the Team
Rehearsal Dinner

Inviting a Change

February 2016

Twenty-two years after our founding, the board and president invite a fresh leadership team to chart a course for the next twenty years. The invitation is met with eager responses to perpetuate Gutenberg and its mission. A team of faculty and community members assemble to draft a plan to turn the page to the next chapter in the college’s life.


For several years, Gutenberg experienced a slow, general growth. But, after the 2008 market crash, we struggled to raise money and find students. To address these struggles, the board considered a move to Sisters, Oregon, and then recruiting from the Messianic Jewish community. When neither of these ideas gained traction, the board opened itself to new leadership.
We sought board members dedicated to our mission: preserving a college that will explore the Great Books in search of truth. We want board members who are confident that the biblical faith can stand its ground in this chaotic era. Learn more about the new board here.
In July 2016, Chris Swanson was voted in as president by the outgoing board. Eliot Graso will serve as Gutenberg’s Provost.
The board graciously volunteered to remain in place during the transition until suitable new board members could be found. Desiring that Gutenberg continue to succeed, the outgoing board helped facilitate the change.
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Gutenberg has now entered the second phase of its plan. The sustainability of a college depends upon its ability to bring in students, to have name-recognition, and to have a solid base of support. Thus, during Phase 2, we will concentrate on recruiting, branding, and donor-relations. Show your support and join us in reaching our next fundraising goal of $20K by making a donation by August 31.


We made it! Thanks so much to all of you who helped us reach our goal.

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